Is My BMW Battery Ready For Replacement?

Look after your BMW battery well and it should last you around five years – that’s a longer lifespan than you’ll usually get out of a standard lead-acid unit. But what if you forget when you last replaced it?

Here are some signs that your BMW battery is ripe for replacement. First, have you had to jump-start the car recently? You may know the cause, like having accidentally left your lights on. But if the battery died for no apparent reason, it could be a warning that it’s on its way out. Second, is starting your car unreliable? If the engine turns over fine one day, but not the next, and then is back to rights the following morning, your battery definitely needs looking at. Third, maybe the engine cranks but won’t start at all, or perhaps not even the engine is cranking? A replacement battery is definitely in order. And fourth, you may notice your electrics are less reactive than usual.

Perhaps your headlights are dimmer or your electric windows are crawling rather than smoothly moving up and down. If you spot that, it’s definitely time to think about a BMW battery replacement.

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